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Best Natural Food Stores Near You

May 11, 2016 at 12:38 pm

With so many different grocery stores available, it is sometimes to difficult to decide which ones to use. This is especially true when you are trying to determine which one(s) are the best when purchasing all natural grocery products. Three excellent stores that stand above the rest are Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Amazon.

Natural Grocery Stores Near Me

Whole Foods is THE grocery store for natural foods. They have very strict standards for all products they sell. Organic foods are heavily promoted in the store. They offer a large selection of foods that are free of all artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. In fact, they do not sell any products with these ingredients. Whole Foods has made a commitment to reduce pesticides use in farming and the products they sell. All the meat they sell is hormone, antibiotic and additive free. Whole Foods takes pride in every product they offer. If it doesn’t meet their strict guidelines, they don’t sell it.

Natural Grocers is another amazing natural food store. They were built on five principles that still stick to today; over sixty years later. These are Nutrition education, highest quality products, affordable pricing, commitment to community and commitment to employees. You can’t go wrong shopping in a store with these values. Just like Whole Foods, they have strict guidelines for all the products they sell. They refuse to sell artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, bleached flours, cloned animal or dairy products, any dairy products from confinement dairies, gmo seafood, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil, msg, non-organic produce, olestro and irradiated food.

Online Grocery Delivery

Although Amazon is an online grocery delivery service and does not have an actual grocery store to shop in, they offer everything you can think of, including the largest selection of natural food products available. You can shop from the convenience of your own home and have natural foods delivered straight to your door. If you sign up for Amazon Prime and use Prime Pantry, you will have an even larger selection to choose from.

It can be difficult to choose a grocery store when there are so many to choose from. Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Amazon are the three best natural food grocers to shop. They all put the customer first by offering the best organic and preservative free foods. There are hundreds of other natural grocery stores out there. Check out an online gorcery store directory like http://grocerystorenearme.directory/ for a list of natural grocery stores near you.

Grocery Stores to Eat Healthier

Whether you just started a diet or have decided to live a healthier lifestyle, you will need to change the way you grocery shop. You can do this by either choosing a natural food store, shopping only in certain sections of the grocery store or reading labels. Or, you can do all three.

If you choose to shop in a natural food store, like Whole Foods or Natural Grocers, you will not have to search for a diet section of the grocery store. True natural food stores carry only natural, healthy products. They will carry organic produce and foods that are preservative and additive free. Feel free to roam the store and choose the products you like.

If there are no natural food stores around or you just prefer to go to the grocery store, you will need to change the way you shop. One suggestion is to shop the outer aisles for the bulk of your groceries and avoid the inner aisles. In many stores the produce, meat, milk, eggs, and other dairy products, fresh baked products and other healthier options are available in the outer sections. Always choose organic if you have the option, especially with meat (it can be full of hormones and other additives) and produce. If you shop in the inner aisles, you will find mostly processed foods that are full of preservatives and additives and loaded with sodium, fat and calories.

The third way to shop for diet foods in the store is to label read. This can take quite a bit of time if you are reading each individual label. Not only do you want to look at the nutritional facts, but check the ingredients. The best bet for healthy foods is to choose products with only a small amount of ingredients, ingredients you can actually say and to avoid sugars.

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle can take some adjusting. The biggest change can be in the way you shop/ You will need to change the sections of the store you shop in, sometimes the store itself and read labels on food.

How Much Healthy is Too Healthy?

May 7, 2016 at 12:23 pm

That is a really good question. I once saw a video from a well known actor (Keanu Reeves) shunning people who judge others for not being as healthy as they were. His words were no matter how healthy you are your poison will find you. I agree and disagree with him in somewhat. Eating healthy can prevent a lot of issues you can cause by eating the worst genetically modified foods or GMO’s. But a sickness is a sickness and sometimes how you eat will have no affect on when your sickness will find you. I guess the moral of the story is eat healthy for your own reasons and don’t shun others for eating badly. Check out a video of this well known actor below.

How to Get a Manicure and Pedicure Without Chemicals

April 25, 2016 at 4:20 pm

It is such a wonderful feeling to go to a salon to get your nails done, both manicures and pedicures, but wouldn’t it be even better to have that same feeling without all of the harsh chemicals that are used on your feet and hands? Both products and polishes at typical nail salons are full of said chemicals, and many individuals are ready to get the strength and resilience they want out of their nails without damaging their bodies. If you are one of those individuals who is ready for a change, there is now the solution for that problem, and it lies within the walls of organic and all natural nail salons that are popping up across the country.

Healthy Nails

It has been shown that healthy nails often reveal to us how healthy or unhealthy our bodies actually are, acting like a window into our body, if you will. Unfortunately, they are also often one of the most neglected parts of our body, just being painted with who knows what, and sometimes chewed on. This is why treating your nails to a regular natural manicure and pedicure can be so beneficial to your health. Most natural nail salons near me are easy to find, and offer a full range of different organic remedies to help you rejuvenate your body. Most of these salons will use all natural ingredients in their scrubs and other products, including a variety of oils, flowers, and fresh produce, such as lime zest and honey. These salons also strive to make the majority of their products that they use gluten free and vegan for the ability to feel truly at your best after indulging in the services.

Which Nail Polish To Use

best electric nail fileWhen it comes to getting a natural manicure and pedicure, it is quite simple. Instead of coating the nail with harmful polishes and removers, it is more about correcting the shape and using specific treatments that will allow your nail to strengthen itself, and become more resistant to splitting and tearing. It can be very easy to find natural nail salons to help you achieve this look, or it can be done by you in your own home with ease as well. The key is to use all of the wonderful and organic oils to soften the skin and give your nails back their health, instead of going to the typical salons that rely heavily on chemical based products that have things like dibutyl phthalate in them to get that perfect color we tend to choose.

If you are wanting to revitalize nails and rejuvenate your hands and feet in an all natural way, then finding a natural or organic nail salon is going to be your best choice. There they will offer you a multitude of excellent services to achieve that feeling you are wanting. If the salon is too pricey of a venture for you, there are also several different DIY techniques and remedies that you can try on your nails as well like purchasing the best electric nail file. Whatever the case, revealing the true health and beauty of your nails will allow others to see the true beauty within you. Never underestimate the power of a great manicure and pedicure.

Natural Care For Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails

April 24, 2016 at 10:41 pm

Using natural skin care products has many perks on the skin we have. It is important to conserve the skin and make certain which it looks youthful, glowing and exquisite. Skin care treatment really should be a significant part of the lifestyle. You don’t must necessarily wait for skin to own problems to begin with treating it. The skin on the outside gets damaged easily due to weather, Sun, smoking, drinking as well as other external factors which are harmful for that skin. Hence, it is important conserve the skin and observe after a wholesome appearance.

Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare merchandise is ideal given that they use no harsh chemicals. Natural skincare goods are also more green and typically try to keep from animal testing a few. Natural acne skincare items are important and aid the prevention of future break-outs, as well as enhancing your skin?s texture, look.

Branded Hair and Nail Care

First and foremost, it is crucial to never go for branded products alone. Of course, most branded merchandise is utilized by women because of its popularity. However, there are several manufactured by small firms that can provide better results. Other than that, branded goods are also expensive which could surely decrease your financial plans.

If you’re not bothered by the fact that argan oil just isn’t well-researched to be a potential skin moisturizer, then you definitely might consider testing out on the skin. If you aren’t more comfortable with it following a test, then you certainly might choose to switch the signal from a tried-and-true, yet still natural oil like a skin moisturizer.

A Few Snacks For Healthy and Clear Skin

April 22, 2016 at 10:38 pm

Everyone wants clear, healthy skin and nails, quite a few us believe it will require an extended routine to make this happen. We all find out about folks who suffer from a battalion of expensive lotions and ointments to work with on his or her skin and that we wish we time and expense to complete precisely the same. The good news is that very little time and cash to precisely the same healthy, clear and radiant skin we envy on other occasions takes to attain!

First Keep Your Face Clean

The first and a lot important component of clear skin is really a regular cleaning. A clean skin isn’t have been infected with acne and plays a part in our well being. By washing your face twice daily with  a mild detergent, you’ll keep a normal skin with good circulation and clear pores. Be careful about using cleaners, however. By drying excessive oil within your skin, it can compensate by producing countless start up a vicious circle that may be planning to produce acne trying so desperately to protect yourself from. Makeup can be another enemy of clear skin. Despite what commercials say about makeup promote a nutritious skin, it can precisely the opposite. It produces merely the illusion of a wholesome complexion, while your pores with chemicals and unnatural substances. Occasional using makeup, your epidermis probably will almost no pain whenever you wash it before however, if you intend to delete and observe after a proper skin, makeup really should be avoided being a plague.

Low Acid Foods Prevent Dehydration

Your diet plays a crucial role in order to keep your skin layer healthy and clear. Drinking enough water hydrates and moisturizes your skin layer and improves circulation. Carbonated beverages (pop, soda, etc.) are acidic and disrupt the natural balance of your epidermis and also your body floods with acid and disruption of your respective natural pH balance. Because the acid in carbonated drinks, the head produce more oil to pay for that decrease of moisture. Pores are more prone to become clogged and infected when that person is producing excess oil. Eating more vegetables full of antioxidants probably will not for skin than anything you could do. Each colorful vegetable or fruit for instance apples, peppers, broccoli, pumpkin and carrots, the epidermis absorption from the oxygen it must be healthy and smooth and fresh. Moisturizing the skin can be another important factor to keeping it healthy and clear. A water-based moisturizer will discourage the creation of oils which are designed to moisturize and protect the head, knowing that means less oil to bar pores and cause acne. A good moisturizer prevents your epidermis from becoming dry and keeping it hydrated and supple.

It only takes a few moments every day to cleanse and moisturize your epidermis. Those two things will in all probability allow you to be a definite and healthy complexion. By eating the proper foods and avoiding acidic beverages, you may further guaranteeing that the face remains clear and also your body healthy.

Snacks to Stay Away From for Clear and Health Skinavoid-soda-for-healthy-skin

One of the most popular snacks choices which is both nutritional and also delicious is fruit. Fruits contain natural sugars which will make them delicious plus they serve as an alternative specifically when you are interested in something sweet to enjoy. They include a lots of water that is excellent for keeping you hydrated as well as for detoxing if required. They have a large number of nutrients including vitamins that happen to be beneficial to your whole body plus your skin and fruits are the ideal way to obtain lasting energy. A healthy snack set of fruits includes apples, bananas, berries, peaches, citrus fruits, mangoes, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes so numerous others. Fresh and dry fruits have roughly the identical vitamins and minerals so you’re able to snack on both kinds. It is better to get started with berry as opposed to canned fruit as berries doesn’t have additives, preservatives and even, extra sugar.

You should adhere to a diet abundant in vital nutrients. A balanced and nutritious diet definitely makes the body fit, agile and young. Try to avoid meat including fish within your menu. Fish contains omega-3 oil fat, that are perfect for health. You should eat all the vegetables and fruit as it can be. Food, which can be loaded with fiber helps with better digestion, that is very beneficial. Drink plenty of water everyday. Avoid consuming alcohol, sodas, as well as other fizzy drinks.

Foods that Promote Healthy Nail Growth

April 18, 2016 at 5:05 am

The appearance of your nails speaks volumes about your diet. Every expert will always tell you that foods that contain Vitamin D, protein, zinc, B vitamin biotin, iron, and Vitamin A are the best choices for growing strong and healthy nails. People who deprive themselves of these precious nutrients often find it difficult to grow strong and healthy nails. The following are some of the most nutritious foods that promote great nails.

Healthy Nails


Avocados are known for a lot of health benefits, but very few people seem to acknowledge their role in the growth of healthy nails. Every time you eat avocados, your body receives Vitamin E, Vitamin A, folate, plant proteins, and B Vitamins. These nutrients are crucial for the growth of healthy nails in both men and women. It is recommended to include a slice of avocado any time you have a full course meal. Alternatively, you could add them to salads, homemade dressings, smoothies and sauces. People with poor nails are likely to achieve some great change in the appearance of their nails after a few weeks of regular eating of avocados.


One great reason to include spinach in your regular diet is because it contains Vitamin E, Vitamins A, iron, and B Vitamins. These group of vitamins make your nails grow faster and stronger within a short time. Moreover, spinach contains powerful antioxidants, which helps to fight the free radicals that prevent the growth of healthy nails. In fact, poor nails are usually considered as a sign of malnutrition. People who incur the discomfort of chipping nails should eat spinach at least three times a week. In order to get the best results, the meal consisting of spinach should also include lean proteins and a combination of other vegetables.


The abundance of proteins, zinc, and B Vitamins in chicken is the reason why chicken enhances the growth of strong, long, and shiny nails. Households that have a great preference for chicken in their diet are also known to growth healthy nails. An extra advantage about chicken is that it helps you to grow healthy hair and skin. Studies have established that the amino acids in chicken are important in the growth and development of good looking nails in both men and women. Besides, a meal of chicken is important for the general nourishment of the body.


Nails need B vitamin biotin to appear great. Eggs are ranked highly among the best sources for B vitamin biotin. The quantities of Vitamin D and proteins, which are found in eggs help to strengthen and lengthen your nails. The best way to get the full nutritious value of eggs is to fry them a little so that they appear whitish in color. However, it is important to limit the number of eggs within a week for a healthy lifestyle. Many nutritionists usually recommend about three to four eggs within a week. It is always good practice to eat eggs alongside other food items that constitute a balance diet if you wish to get strong and healthy nails.